Debug Your Meditation: Transform Your Practice from a Chore to "I Want More!"

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I used to find meditation a chore.

It was something I "should" do because it was "good for me." 🙄

Now, meditation is the best part of my day. 😀 What changed?

First, the backstory:

  • I devoted 10 years of my life to understanding how the human mind works as a neuroscientist PhD.
  • Despite publishing papers that have been cited thousands of times by other scientists, I knew that what I sought for was spiritual in nature--science alone didn't provide the answer.
  • Hence, I immersed myself in studying from world-renowned Buddhist teachers, and used my scientific training to understand how meditative practices can influence the human mind and lead to lasting happiness.
  • In the beginning, I forced myself to meditate, and went through periods of intense sitting followed by periods of neglect. I also didn't feel like I was "getting anywhere."
  • After many years of practice and study, I've synthesized the most helpful Buddhist teachings for transforming meditation into a joyous practice, so that it can become a sustainable life habit for you.

This book is for you if:

  • You occasionally meditate but want to make it a regular habit
  • You meditate regularly but find it an obligation, and it has lost its shine over time
  • You want to read a Buddhist book that is fun and not confusing

This book is NOT for you if:

  • You don't know if you want to meditate or if meditation does anything (there are better resources for this!)
  • You don't want to read a book about contextualizing ancient Buddhist teachings for modern relevance

Why you should listen to me

  • I have spent 10 years doing neuroscience research, and 8 years in the biotech industry specializing in educating healthcare professionals and patients. My specialty is transforming highly-technical information into bite-sized and actionable knowledge.
  • I've been a Buddhist practitioner for the past 17 years, and serve as the Treasurer for the Alliance for Bhikkhunis (Buddhist nuns), Neighborhood group leader for Insight Meditation Center, and practice as a Upāsikā (lay devotee) under the guidance of Clear Mountain Monastery.
  • I interweave science and spirituality to figure out why meditation used to suck for me, and now does not suck at all (in fact, very enjoyable!)

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Debug Your Meditation: Transform Your Practice from a Chore to "I Want More!"

9 ratings
I want this!