Meditation for Indie Superheroes

Christin Chong, PhD
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  • Have you ever thought about how you can use your creator superpowers to support your mental health?
  • Christin Chong is a neuroscience PhD, biotech marketer, creator, and Buddhist practitioner. She’s the author of “Debug Your Meditation: Transform Your Practice from A Chore to ‘I Want More!’”
  • This mini-course guides you through a meditation technique designed like a product launch.

Why you should listen to me

  • I have spent 10 years doing neuroscience research, and 8 years in the biotech industry specializing in educating healthcare professionals and patients. My specialty is transforming highly-technical information into bite-sized and actionable knowledge.
  • I've been a Buddhist practitioner for the past 17 years, and serve as the Treasurer for the Alliance for Bhikkhunis (Buddhist nuns), Neighborhood group leader for Insight Meditation Center, and practice as a Upāsikā (lay devotee) under the guidance of Clear Mountain Monastery.
  • I interweave science and spirituality to figure out why meditation used to suck for me, and now does not suck at all (in fact, very enjoyable!)

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