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Insight Writing Club

Christin Chong, PhD
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My name is Christin and I鈥檓 a neuroscience PhD 馃, former biotech marketing leader 馃К, and a Buddhist chaplain-in-training 鈽革笍. I also served as a mentor and editor for Write of Passage, interacting with hundreds of students through their writer鈥檚 journeys.

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Insight Writing Club

This is an easy-to-use mini-coaching database with categorized tips and insights. Take a tip, apply it, and see how it elevates your writing.

  • Lifelong Writer's Mindset: Develop a writing mindset that equips you to write for a lifetime. Embrace a perspective that adapts to your passion for learning, avoids imposter syndrome, and dissolves writer鈥檚 block.
  • Authentically Human: Learn to tap into deep, profound human experiences, so your work can never be replaced by artificial intelligence. At the same time, learn to use AI to wisely and honestly improve your craft.
  • Practical Editing Tips: After editing hundreds of essays, here is an array of practical editing tips that will serve as your secret weapon in streamlining your editing process and perfecting your craft.

Want more?

  • Open Dialogue: Your unique questions and needs are what drive the creation of new videos that will benefit others. Please tweet new questions to this twitter thread and I鈥檒l periodically make new videos to address them.
  • One-on-One Support: If you desire more personal assistance, my individual coaching and community offerings are here to support your journey towards becoming a lifelong writer. DM me on Discord (Christin#3643) or Twitter, or email me at christinchong@gmail.com. I鈥檇 love to listen to your needs and see if I can be of assistance!

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Insight Writing Club

18 ratings