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Christin Chong, PhD
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✍️ Build a rejuvenating writing system based on kindness and self-reflection

❤️‍🔥 Discover your truths using Buddhist meditation + neuroscience frameworks

🏕️ Gain clarity on your personal mission with a compassionate community

Who Is Kind Camp For?

  • You might want an easier time writing consistently, uplifted by kindness and encouragement.
  • You think you found your personal monopoly/mission, but you're not quite sure. Maybe it includes part of who you are, but you want to feel whole.
  • You wonder about how to deepen your self-understanding, perhaps as part of your writing and/or spiritual practice.

The Backstory

My name is Christin and I’m training as a Buddhist Chaplain at Sati Center under Reverend Jennifer Block, Gil Fronsdal, and Paul Haller Roshi.

  • I devoted 10 years of my life to understanding how the human mind works as a neuroscientist PhD.
  • Despite publishing papers that have been cited thousands of times by other scientists, I knew that what I sought for was spiritual in nature--science alone didn't provide the answer.
  • Hence, I immersed myself in studying from world-renowned Buddhist teachers, and used my scientific training to understand how meditative and writing practices can influence the mind and lead to lasting happiness.
  • As part of my Buddhist chaplaincy training, I mentored Write of Passage students on how to overcome their writer's block and double their potential with loving-kindness practice.
  • I am continuing this journey of providing spiritual care to writers through Kind Camp.

What Happens in Kind Camp Sessions?

  • I will provide guided reflective writing and meditation practice to support your self-discovery, based on time-tested Buddhist + neuroscience themes.
  • We will share our reflections in the form of a mantra (~5 words) with each other to close the session.
  • You will walk away from each session with a piece of writing that reflects your true heart.
  • (Optional, via Discord) The community will workshop strategies and tactics for publicly sharing our writing without vulnerability hangover.

Community Schedule

  • Community memberships are ongoing, with limited seats per quarter for the sponsored tier.
  • Sessions are unique yet standalone--you can start at any time!


"Christin holds the space that enables me to combine reflecting writing with a meditation practice. While I am comfortable with writing, meditation is something I have struggled with. Christin provides suggestions and guidance. The coming together as a group at the end of the session allows for debrief; a reminder of the importance of having a supportive community that takes you in with all your imperfections." - Laila Faisal, Write of Passage Alumni Editor.

"The way Christin listens gives me permission to introspect more deeply. It's hard to not bullshit yourself when there are millions of voices in your head. Christin helps bring out the one voice you should listen to: yourself." - Chris Wong, Lead Editor for Write of Passage.

"Writing together to a shared prompt and briefly sharing has surprisingly deepened my writing practice." - Ken Rice, Write of Passage Alumni, movement, meditation and breathwork teacher.

Refund Policy

If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, or it's not what you were expecting, just reply to the download email within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

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Kind Camp ❤️‍🔥✍️🏕️

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